Intelligent Health UK

TBC 2025

London, UK


Intelligent Health UK brings together the global AI and healthcare

community to advance discussions on how to apply AI

and drive technological collaboration in healthcare.

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What’s Intelligent Health UK?

Intelligent Health UK will return to London and bring together again the global AI and healthcare community – clinicians, hospital heads, data scientists, startups, academics, and investors – to advance discussions on how to apply AI and drive technological collaboration in healthcare.

The mission?

We want to accelerate the safe adoption of AI, to fully harness its benefits but to do so safely and ethically as well as, at scale. We’re on a mission to drive forward technological collaboration and adoption of AI in health and care, by connecting clinicians, patients and decision makers in healthcare settings with technologists – and to inspire you, along the way! Get ready to think like a clinician and code like a developer.

A look back at the Key Themes in 2023

  • The key role of health data in reducing inequalities and improving patient and population care
  • Disrupting the NHS with ChatGPT  – what are the roadblocks, challenges and viability?
  • Real-world implementation: AI in Radiology
  • How can data accelerate research into Long Covid?
  • How large language models like Med-PaLM could shape the future of healthcare?
  • Upskilling the workforce – How can we provide health and social care workers with the AI knowledge they will soon need?
  • Latest key governance updates in healthcare
  • How can data collected through robotic surgery be used and accessed in multiple ways?
  • Scaling AI in mental health care to help human therapists improve the quality of care
  • A proactive NHS –  A moonshot or in line of sight?

Meet the 2023 AI health brains

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Who’s coming?

  • Hospitals, Health Practices, Big Tech, Health Tech AI, Startups, Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device, Health insurers, Academics, Investors, Associations
  • CEO, CTO, CMIO, CCIO, CIO, CDIO, CMO, CDO, CSO, Directorate Digital Lead​​
  • VP, Director, Head of, Managing Director, Head of Technology/Innovation/ AI/ Machine Learning/ Computer Vision/ Cognitive Computing/Data Science/ Data Analytics/ Data Strategy
  • Clinicians and healthcare professionals:
  • Heads of, Directors, Consultants in Oncology, Radiology, Pathology, Medicinal Chemistry, Cell Therapy, Rare diseases, Biosimilars, Imaging, Diabetes, Opthalmology, Cardiology, Diagnostics


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  • Raise your company’s profile and get in front of the brightest healthcare AI brains in the UK, spanning the whole ecosystem of clinicians and healthcare providers, hospital and clinical commissioning group decision makers, big tech players and startups in healthcare, insurers, academics and investors.
  • Intelligent Health UK will bring together our healthcare ecosystem for an in-depth look at AI within the UK health market. Taking key learnings from around the globe, this summit will showcase UK innovation, alongside collaborative, hands-on challenge sessions and interactive workshops and candid table-talks. All sponsorship packages will allow your brand to become a key player in our goal to break down the barriers between tech and healthcare to #SaveLivesWithAI.
  • A good way to work out what will give you the most cost-effective impact is to talk to us.
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Featured Sponsors & Exhibitors for 2023

Intelligent Health AI Global Summit Series


22 May 2025

London, United Kingdom

In partnership with our Innovation Partners NIHR, The Health Innovation Network, AHSN Network and DigitalHealth. London, we will once again bring together the UK health community in May to focus on what matters the most, to break down the barriers between tech and healthcare to #SaveLivesWithAI.

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11-12 September 2024

Basel, Switzerland

Intelligent Health AI will once again bring together the global AI and health community next September to advance discussions on how AI can be used to prevent and solve some of the world’s greatest healthcare problems, and improve the health of the human race.

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