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The aim of TMinus30 (T-30) is to unite the most powerful stakeholders, creators, decision makers and implementors of cutting edge tech from around the world on an interactive series of platforms.
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Innovation partner

NHSX brings teams from the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement together into one unit to drive digital transformation and lead policy, implementation and change.

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Partner up with the world’s largest online global summit dedicated to AI in medicine. Contact us to find out more about this opportunity!

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London & Partners

London & Partners is the international trade, investment and promotion agency for London.
It is our role to promote London internationally as a leading world city in which to visit, study, invest, grow and meet. We tell London’s story brilliantly to an international audience in partnership with organisations and people who have a stake in London’s promotion.
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Smart Health Amsterdam

Smart Health Amsterdam is a community for all organisations that work on preventing diseases and encouraging healthy lifestyles. We are on a collective quest to make the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as healthy as possible. Join Smart Health Amsterdam now and connect with others who want to scale up their activities far beyond the Amsterdam Area. After all, health has no borders.

The community is initiated by the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Economic Board and Amsterdam&partners. Together, we strive to showcase health initiatives and boost knowledge sharing within the Amsterdam region.
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Flying Health

Flying Health is the leading ecosystem for next generation healthcare – made of bits and bytes. We pioneer business in next generation healthcare. By guiding industry leaders and entrepreneurs in our Pioneer Program, we work at the forefront of tomorrow’s healthcare.
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CryptoNewsZ is a pioneer news media network covering news and events of the crypto space and the indispensable blockchain technology. It evolved with the aim to cater top-notch, authentic, and compelling stories to crypto enthusiasts.
Guided by the principles of ‘Honesty and Transparency,’ the CryptonewsZ team works 24/7 to deliver accurate, unprejudiced, and well-analyzed reports to news consumers around the world. We also envision to capture the crypto updates instantly, much before they become mainstream. Our professional ethics guide us to maintain a steadfast approach to all the happenings and corroborate every information through multiple resources.
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Doctorpreneurs is the global community for doctors, medical students and individuals interested in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are a non-profit organisation committed to transforming healthcare. With healthcare facing unprecedented challenges globally, we believe that unlocking the wealth of talent within the system will be key to driving radical change.

We inspire healthcare professionals and students to think creatively and embrace principles of innovation and entrepreneurship to improve healthcare; we connect our members with a network to help them learn and grow; and we accelerate members’ entrepreneurial journey through providing access to relevant career opportunities.
Intelligent Health UK

Association of British Heathcare Indsustries

ABHI supports the HealthTech community to provide products and services that help people live healthier lives. As the voice of the industry, we show the value of health technology and overcome barriers to people benefiting from it now and in the future. Members include leading multinationals through to small and medium sized enterprises. We represent the HealthTech industry to key stakeholders, such as governments, healthcare systems and regulators.
Intelligent Health UK

Deep Knowledge Analytics

Deep Knowledge Analytics is an international consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations focused on the synergetic convergence of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, MedTech, FinTech, GovTech), applying progressive data-driven Invest-Tech solutions with a long-term strategic focus on AI in Healthcare, Longevity and Precision Health, and aiming to achieve positive impact through the support of progressive technologies for the benefit of humanity via scientific research, investment, entrepreneurship, analytics and philanthropy.
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The Imperial College Business School Healthcare Career Club

The Imperial College Business School Healthcare Club is a student-led club dedicated to supporting the career development of MSc and MBA students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. The club aims to inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders through the delivery of high-quality events that promote a networking environment with experienced healthcare professionals across all sectors of the industry.

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Tech Events

Too many Tech Events and too little time to attend? Watch your next Tech
Event online! provides a curated selection of videos
from leading Tech Events about Saas, Big Data, Lean UX, Virtual Reality
and many more subjects. Select your favorite Tech Event and watch it
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Biopharma Trend

BPT Analytics Platform is a data-driven web application for finding and managing new deals, partnerships, and investment targets in the area of Life Sciences. Up-to-date information about companies, technologies, innovations, and trends in the biopharma space is visualizable via the platform and can help gain statistical insights into the market. Remove the guesswork from your strategic decisions!

We also publish insightful commentaries and reviews contributed by industry professionals, researchers, and business leaders.
Intelligent Health UK

Intelligent Health UK

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