We’ve been beavering away with our Innovation Partners NHSXNIHR, The Health Innovation NetworkAHSN Network and DigitalHealth.London to put together this year’s online programme, pairing together clinicians and heads of hospitals with technologists, to work on the live projects on Tuesday 11th May.


We will initiate five, 12-month projects, bringing together world leading clinicians and health tech professionals, to tackle real-life, digital health challenges in the NHS. Each online session will focus on a specific challenge which we have identified as a barrier to adopting AI within healthcare. A use case, project or initiative will be presented, and you, as the Challenge Group will share resource, experience and expertise to look towards finding possible solutions during the 12 month period. Our chosen challenge sessions for 2021 are:


  • Can AI help the NHS recover from the pandemic – a focus on cancer services
  • How do we integrate AI based technologies into social care and care homes?
  • How can we empower healthcare professionals to make the most of AI?
  • How can AI be used in behavioural and mental health care?
  • How can we evaluate and scale promising AI- driven technologies? 


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