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CHALLENGE 9: How can we bring in the “not so loud” voices of social care?

Whilst healthcare may be renowned for its slightly disparate interoperability between system, there is an even greater challenge in social care where the system is still very paper-based.  Challenge: How do we integrate AI based technologies into a system that is largely paper-based? What can we do to encourage more focus and investment in social […]

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CHALLENGE 7: ML for real-world evidence generation: Can big-data bring the future of AI medicine to today?

How can a national screening program for lung cancer be standardized by AI? Perhaps early heart condition detection with AI? Learn how two of the world’s largest big-data companies join forces. From AI-ECG trained on 47 million patients heart studies to AI-CT trained on 5 million images. You’ll be challenged on AI applications in real-world […]

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CHALLENGE 4: How can we define great public engagement?

For the benefits of AI to be truly realised we need to ensure we win the public confidence in sharing data in a safe and controlled manner. Involving patients and the public voice from the early design process and explaining the benefits of what AI can do, will help ensure ethical and effective solutions are […]

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CHALLENGE 3: How can we work together to truly embed AI into the workflow?

Technology is only ever part of the solution to the problem. We need to truly embed AI into the workflow by helping the workforce to identify the skills they need to develop and support them in doing this. Challenge: What quick or really helpful tools, learning modules, books or podcasts exist to help someone develop […]

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CHALLENGE 2: How can you design actually diverse and proportionate data?

The key to developing great AI based solutions is having a product or pathway that is built on proportionate and good quality data. By having data that is representative and proportionate, will hopefully mean that we are likely to solve the actual issue or problem the solution is aimed at.  Challenge: How do we embed […]

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CHALLENGE 1: How to create a roadmap for AI and data driven technology adoption in hospitals to improve the quality of health and care services?

Evidence of what good practice should look like? How can you spread innovation faster? How can you help to get the right ethical frameworks and standards in place?

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