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You will receive your invitation to join our networking app. The email will be sent to the email address(es) you provided at the point of registration.

You will be invited to complete the following stages in order to activate your user profile: 

PHASE 1: Assign your Persona Type – complete by 23 April 2021

PHASE 2: Log on to the Grip platform and set your preferences – complete by 04 May 2021

PHASE 3: Provisional meetings assigned, approval required – complete by 05 May 2021

PHASE 4: Meetings are finalised and your login to access content on 11 May 2021 will be provided

You will also have the option to schedule “free flow” meetings outside of the scheduled “Meet Up”. Further information on how to do this is provided in the FAQ section below. 

Check out our helpful How To guides here



We’ve created some login details for you. Please do not change your details or you won’t be able to access the event 🙏

Simply follow this link to our online event platform Hopin 👉 and enter the email address and password below:

Email address: your first name + last name (all lower case, no space or punctuation) +

Your Password is London

E.g. Elon Musk =

Password: London

E.g. Saima Qureshi-Rivera =

Password: London


  • Recommended browsers Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • Please do not use a mobile device.
  • Update your profile. You can add your pic, social handles and company details. This will make it easier for other attendees to see who you are and connect directly with you.

Your ticket

If you have booked multiple tickets, make sure to assign your ticket(s) i.e add an email address or we won’t be able to create login credentials.

  • Please use your business email
  • Update your profile: The more details you provide, the better your networking experience will be (job title, company type, country, etc.).
  • If you can’t find your ticket, search for an email from tito (check your spam). If you still can’t find it, email us at

Frequently Asked Questions


What areas are there on Hopin, the online event platform?

You can navigate through the different areas on the left side of your screen

  1. Reception:

Upon opening Hopin and joining the event, you will land in the Reception area. Here you will find a complete overview of the agenda and you can follow what is currently happening and what’s to come.

  1. Main Stage:

This is the Stage, where our headliner speakers will be hosting and presenting throughout the two day event.

  1. Workshops + Panels:

Combination of Q&A, masterclass,panels, workshops and training. See full programme agenda to plan your day


What are the networking capabilities?  +

During IH UK we will be running several networking opportunities throughout both days. You will be able to join these via our Grip networking platform.

There are several ways to network on the platform

  1. Using the pre-scheduled meeting function to arrange your 1-2-1 meetings for Tuesday 11 May 2021
  2. Using the free-flow meeting function to arrange 1-2-1 meetings from Tuesday 11 May – Tuesday 25 May 2021 


How long can I access the content for, after the event?

All videos will be made available to view on demand until Friday 09 July.


Can I download the materials?

You will not be able to download any of the materials.


Can I ask questions during the sessions? 

Yes. Every area in Hopin has its own dedicated chat. You will be able to ask your questions, interact with attendees in the chat section in each area. Areas include Main Stage and Workshops/Panels, as well as an overall Event chat feed where we will be sharing announcements throughout the day.


When will I be able to access the event on Hopin? 

We want to make sure that your login process is as smooth as possible, so please login into your profile ASAP and check your credentials. You will be able to access the event on Hopin 5 min before it starts from your profile dashboard by logging into your Hopin account.


How do I know where to find what’s happening now? 

Similar to a physical event, you can choose where you want to go and what you’d like to attend. In the reception and schedule areas you will find the complete agenda showing what is happening where. You will also find an overview of the different event areas, and further details about the event.

Speed Networking FAQs


Can I set a limit on the number of attendees for a Speed Networking session?

No. Speed Networking is unsurprisingly all about speed, and as such users can join a Speed Networking without needing to add it to their schedule. Therefore, you cannot set an attendee limit on Speed Networking sessions as you can on regular sessions.


How many users can take part in Speed Networking at the same time?

The current version of Speed Networking allows up to 500 concurrent to be in the waiting room at any one time. This doesn’t include users who are part of meetings already.

When there are more than 500 users waiting for a meeting, a new joiner will see a message displayed in the Speed Networking environment – on which they will be offered the options of trying once again to join the session or to leave the session.


How long are Speed Networking meetings?

Each meeting will last 3 minutes.


Can I change the length of the meeting?

Currently, the meeting length will always be set to 3 minutes.

While in the meeting you can show interest in your partner, and if you both show interest in each other, you will form a connection. You’ll also receive a summary of all your meeting partners at the end of the Speed Networking session, so you’ll be able to express interest in them after the session even if you forget!


Is there a limit on the session length?

As with regular sessions, there are no limits on the length of Speed Networking sessions.


What are the rules for meeting generation?

Meetings are randomly generated between all session participants with two exceptions:

  • Meeting won’t be generated between members of the same Team.
  • Meeting won’t be generated between two users who’ve already met within the current Speed Networking session.


Is it possible to configure any additional meeting permissions, e.g. based on data types or custom groups?

Yes – we can have Speed Networking inherits the data type permissions.

Video tutorials


How to login


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