Bringing together tech companies and clinicians to tackle

the world’s greatest medical challenges

Our mission

To tackle some of the world’s greatest medical challenges in areas from oncology to diabetes, mental health to surgery, self-care to patient privacy and data management in collaboration with world leaders in artificial intelligence.

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Our successes

At the start of the year we connected three technology companies from around the world with an NHS clinician to work on a real-life challenge – the need for an AI solution to read bronchoscopy tissue samples. These companies worked for 6 months and now have an AI solution which can detect cancer in a specific sample type.

We are honoured to have bought about this type of collaboration and we want to bring about even more! Imagine the possibilities if we all worked together!

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Clinect Matchmaking

This page will post digital health projects and support requests sent to us from the community throughout the year. All you need to do is give us the details of your project, and what type of support you are looking for, and we will post this for you. The Clinect team will once again select a small number of these projects to be driven forward as Clinect Challenges.

Interested in posting or joining a project? Get in contact!

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How can it help you?

  • Finding investment
  • Securing pilots for your project within a healthcare system
  • Tech support
  • Finding a cofounder
  • Business advice
  • Health system navigation
  • And more +

What can Clinect Challenges do for you?

  • Profile yourself, your team and your project or business
  • Find expertise: Whatever your challenge is, it’s likely that someone else has been through it, and almost certain someone has expertise that can help. Find them through Clinect
  • Connect with people who can help you and who you can help

What kind of problems are we looking for?

Any digital project which directly impacts health. Examples include:

  • Innovation in patient intervention through a Health App.
  • AI analytics across your patient data sets in electronic health records
  • Robotics in surgery
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Innovation in clinical research

Challenge requirements

To be accepted your project must be focused on healthcare and at least one member of the leadership team should ideally be a clinician.

  • Once a challenge has been accepted, the project Champion would be required to contribute 1 hour per month via telephone call with the rest of the Challenge group to provide the healthcare professionals’ perspective throughout the project.
  • The Challenge group will be made up of three to five vendors who will all agree to work collaboratively.

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