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Company: Healthcare Innovation

Job Title of Challenge Champion: Doctor and/or Medical Student

Description: Data is available from multiple sources including cardiac echocardiography, MRI scans, CT scans, as well as a clinician from Cleveland Clinic who is on board. However, we require data scientist/computer scientists who are well versed in ML within data imaging to help us generate algorithms with the data collected.

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Company name: YouROK Corp

Job title of Champion Challenge: Founder

Description: Looking for clinical trial research partners or behavioural health providers for pilots of a prevention-focused, evidence-based emotional resiliency app that won the American Psychiatry Association’s Impact Award at their annual conference in May 2019.

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Institution name: University Hospital Basel

Job title of Challenge Champion: Epidemiologist

Description: We are a small team of pharmacists and epidemiologists at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland working with large healthcare datasets. At the moment we are trying to implement unsupervised machine learning techniques using data from blood tests and are looking for advice and input from experts in this field.

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