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9842 connections were made and 5908 meetings were scheduled through the app in 2019






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The app is free to download and use for everyone who registers for the show. We’ve emailed you your login details. If you haven’t received them please email



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How it works

  1. Login using the email address and unique password (We’ve emailed you your login details.
    If you haven’t received them, please email
  2. Connect your LinkedIn profile for a quick upload.
  3. Go to the ‘Notifications’ tab at the bottom of the app to complete your profile. NOTE: The more information you provide, the more intuitive the networking matching will be!
  4. AI algorithms are used to recommend people you will likely want to speak with. Swipe right if you’re interested! If the other person is interested, you can arrange a meeting on the app at one of our meeting locations – super easy!
  5. Alternatively, use the search bar to research by contact name, city, country, company name, company type to find the people you want to connect with and extend an invitation.


App benefits:

Connect with your peers focused on AI in healthcare.
Easily plan meetings, use the chat functionality and initiate conversations with those people most important and relevant to your needs.

Plan your time effectively

Know exactly where you’ll be at what time, see what sessions are happening and where they’ll be taking place.

Push notifications

Stay in the loop with push notifications.*

*Set your device to receive notifications so you can have lots of fun and make sure you don’t miss out.

Networking App FAQs

What is Matchmaking? +

Intelligent Health are introducing an advanced AI-powered matchmaking platform via our App. The platform uses natural language processing, advanced algorithms and deep neural networks to constantly learn about your professional goals and interests. The app takes the work out of networking through intelligent matchmaking – making it more fun and giving you a higher return on your time.

What are the benefits? +

The matchmaking platform allows you to network with other attendees and exhibitors, arrange meetings and identify potential business contacts.

Where can I find the matchmaking platform? +

You can access the platform on mobile devices via the download options above.

How do I log in? +

To access app you must register for the show. Upon completing our visitor registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain your login details.

Having trouble logging in? +

It can take up to 24 hours for your registration details to be available in the app.
If you’re still unable to login after this period, email For technical issues please email

How do I find networking opportunities? +

The platform uses natural language processing and advanced algorithms to recommend networking opportunities. Alternatively, you can search for attendees/exhibitors directly or use the filters to find the right profile you’re looking to meet.

How do I request a meeting? +

First, find the person you’d like to meet and click on their name to view their profile page, you’ll be able to mark them as ‘interested’ or send a meeting request directly.

Where will my meetings take place? +

We recommend you arrange a meeting point, either at the venue or somewhere else, via the personal message area.

Can I add meetings to my calendar? +

When a meeting request is accepted it will send a calendar invite to your email address.

What details of mine are displayed in the platform? +

The platform will display your professional information including name, job title and company. Information such as telephone number, email address or mail address will not be displayed.

Can I export my connections contact details? +

No. Users contact details are not displayed or exportable in the platform.

How do I remove my details from the platform? +

Removing your details will mean that you are unable to login or arrange networking opportunities through the platform.  However, if you would like to be removed please send your details to using the subject line “Remove from matchmaking” and we will be happy to remove your details.