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Intelligent Health UK


Novartis is a leading global medicines company based in Basel, Switzerland, with a history going back more than 150 years. We use innovative science, digital technology and new business models to address the evolving needs of patients and societies worldwide. Novartis products are available in about 155 countries and they reached nearly 1 billion people globally in 2017. About 120 000 people of more than 140 nationalities work at Novartis around the world.

Intelligent Health UK


Over the last few years, Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play, and connect through great technology. We are inspired by the genuine belief that we can change the world for the better. Find out about some of the great initiatives we’re running in the UK to equip young people for the technology-driven world of tomorrow, help businesses expand their potential, and even solve the impossible with Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Intelligent Health UK

The Phoenix Partnership

TPP provides software to transform health and care. Our suite of intelligent and intuitive products are enabling the next revolution in healthcare.

For over twenty years, we have been applying the most advanced technology to healthcare. Our systems provide a safe and secure environment to deliver care. They improve access to data when it is needed and they help make the best use of that data in order to empower clinicians and citizens to create the healthcare system of the future.

Intelligent Health UK

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA)

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) is an Oxford University startup and biotech company driven by deep research that builds upon and creates responsible Artificial Intelligence technology to develop a full-stack solution for remote blood testing and health monitoring.  Enabled by the synergy of human experts and super-human model-driven AI, we created Algocyte, our flagship product to help healthcare professionals better monitor patients, reduce costs, and make decisions based on personalised medicine.  We achieve this by rethinking how to exploit data and repurpose electronic components augmented by AI to develop cutting-edge monitoring technology.

Intelligent Health UK


AIRA Matrix provides Artificial Intelligence applications for preclinical and clinical pathology. The company’s decision-support solutions help improve workflow efficiency and increase diagnostic accuracy in research labs, drug discovery studies, and clinics. Offerings from the company’s deep learning platform AIRAVAT include:

  • Self-learning tools for routine detection and annotation tasks
  •  Pre-built deep learning based feature identification Applications
  • Workflow efficiency solutions for histomorphometry, tissue triage, grading and inferencing
  • Ready networks for easy DIY deep learning for the pathologist

The platform is vendor-neutral, supports collaboration across teams and can be easily integrated with other digital laboratory solutions.

Intelligent Health UK


causaLens is pioneering a completely new approach to time-series prediction. Its Enterprise Platform is used to transform and optimise businesses that need accurate and robust predictions – including significant businesses in finance, IoT, energy and healthcare. Almost all current machine learning approaches, including AutoML solutions, severely overfit on time-series problems and therefore fail to unlock the true potential of AI for the enterprise. causaLens was founded with the mission to devise Causal AI, which does not overfit, and so provides far more reliable and accurate predictions.  The platform also includes capabilities such as autonomous data cleaning and searching, autonomous model discovery and end-to-end streaming productisation.

Intelligent Health UK


EchoNous has taken the lead in creating intelligent medical tools that help medical professionals solve common everyday problems in healthcare. EchoNous was founded in 2016 by CEO Kevin Goodwin, the original point-of-care ultrasound pioneer, and COO Niko Pagoulatos, PhD, a highly regarded innovator in the ultrasound field. Kevin and Niko came together with the same intense passion toward combining narrow artificial intelligence with extremely miniaturized ultrasound hardware focused on clinical specific applications. EchoNous’s engineers first tackled AI-automated measurement of systolic heart function with their handheld ultrasound probe, KOSMOS. More AI-applications are to come. 

Intelligent Health UK


Infermedica tackles the problem of unnecessary medical care and waste, providing insurance companies, hospitals, and health systems with a set of advanced preliminary diagnosis and triage tools. The company’s products include Symptom Checker, Call Center Triage, and Medical API, which are available in over 13 languages.

Founded in 2012 by a team of engineers, data scientists, and physicians, Infermedica develops the AI engine to collect intake, check symptoms, and guide patients to the right care. “The broader goal is to improve customers’ performance, increase healthcare accessibility, and reduce costs,” says Piotr Orzechowski, Infermedica’s CEO.

Infermedica works in a B2B model and supports over 30 leading healthcare organizations worldwide, including Allianz Partners, Taipei Medical University Hospital, and Everyday Health.

Intelligent Health UK


PatchAi is the first AI virtual assistant for patient engagement in clinical research. The costs of drug development have skyrocketed with the rise in trial complexity and delays associated with patient drop-out. The market standard of using paper-based forms or outdated legacy technology for data collection emphasizes the need for better patient engagement. Our cognitive platform adapts to patients’ behaviors and empowers them to be compliant with the trial protocol and therapy plans through Conversational Patient Reported Outcomes (Co-PRO). To truly embrace the doctrine of personalized medicine, we strive to encompass patient engagement at very step of their care journey.

Intelligent Health UK

Government of Canada

Canada, a global leader in Intelligent Health, is home to one of the most internet-savvy and technologically sophisticated populations in the world. Canada is highly competitive globally with the highest concentration of AI start-up companies and researchers and students of deep learning in the world. It’s computer science departments are among the top 5 Universities worldwide for fostering start-ups. As such, the Intelligent Health space is an important and rapidly growing field. It is a priority for the Canada economy as demonstrated by a close collaboration between government, industry, and academia to drive AI research and commercialization to be best in class. Visit our stand to find out more.

Intelligent Health UK


Graphcore has created a completely new processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), specifically designed for machine intelligence. The IPU’s unique architecture means developers can run current machine learning models orders of magnitude faster. More importantly, it lets AI researchers undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next great breakthroughs in general machine intelligence. We believe our IPU technology will become the worldwide standard for machine intelligence compute. The performance of Graphcore’s IPU is going to be transformative across all industries and sectors, whether you are a medical researcher, roboticist or autonomous car manufacturer.

Intelligent Health UK


TrueMed builds a safer world without counterfeit medicines, medical products & illicit substances.

They develop & deliver 100% non-additive solution for Optical Detection.

Technology is based on AI & Machine Vision. Professional end-users use it with their existing smartphones (with camera).

TrueMed can validate e.g. packages, products, blister packs, labels, pills, vials, bottles and powders.

Platform includes forensic capabilities: tracing and mapping the routes & sources of target items plus visual comparison tools.

TrueMed protects lives, societies and lawful funds (private, public, philanthropic). Several patents pending.

Intelligent Health UK


Chronolife is an artificial intelligence company specialized in digital health, that develops solutions for remote monitoring & prediction of the health status of a patient. Chronolife’s solutions are washable garments that collects and transmit multiple physiological data to an associated smartphone application and to a web interface. The garment is washable, discreet, and easy to use. Chronolife offers 3 different services: a customizable solution, Nexkin™ (CE & FCC) for prevention programs (e.g to support ageing in place), a Medical Monitoring Solution Keesense™ (CE Class IIa) for Remote Patient Monitoring & therapeutic efficiency programs and a Predictive Solution (CE Class IIb ongoing) to detect & predict worsening heart failure.

Intelligent Health UK


DrugBank enables data-driven decision making in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical spaces. By using DrugBank, companies and researchers can more efficiently discover or repurpose new drugs, and improve treatments for patients. The core of DrugBank’s knowledge base consists of proprietary authored content describing the clinical level information about drugs such as side effects, drug interactions, as well as molecular level data such as chemical structures, metabolism, and what proteins a drug interacts with.

Intelligent Health UK


The application of today’s data analytics and machine learning tools to your historical data can make profound discoveries that will transform organizations and humanity. Seagate Powered by Tape Ark can help you access your data to help create a better future.

Intelligent Health UK


Our mission is to develop and promote New Health & Wellness Therapies and Technologies based on Quantum Physics,  Biofeedback & Bioresonance, helping Individuals, Businesses and Communities to develop their full “creative” and “unique” potential through Preventive & Regenerative Health Care.

BioQuantique integrates ultra-sophisticated tools based on Artificial Intelligence with therapies that are holistic, personalized, safe, efficient, painless, drug-free and without side-effects. By combining the traditional approaches with the most modern technology, BioQuantique opens the door to a new form of medicine, the “Quantum Medicine” adapted to the 21st century!


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